Before / After

Gilded Cornice over Sponged finish. Gilded mirror and Glazed original ceiling rose

Niche painted in Rose Aurora marble, Gilded moulding  and Glaze and Wipe two-tone blue on Lincrusta wallpaper.


Painted Sky effect with  marbled cornice and Gilded ceiling rose

Hand painted existing wall cupboard with flower design

Fireplace painted in Black and Gold marble

Glazed and Gilded lion on painted Black and Gold marble base

Glaze and Wipe technique on existing Anaglyptic wallpaper

Gilded Chandelier and Glaze and Wipe cornice and ceiling rose to match existing stained glass window


Walls painted in blue and grey Fresco effect. Hand painted wall cupboard with flower design. (click to enlarge photograph)


Gilded cornice over two-tone Sponged effect to match existing wallpaper Gilded mirror (click to enlarge photograph)